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Since I'm not really sure how to start this out, I'm going to begin with some easy do's and dont's regarding FASHION.  I'm sure this will be a work-in-progress, and please feel free to suggest your own do's and dont's by commenting.   :)


DO what YOU want to do!  Remember this is your (and your husband's) day.  Have the ceremony represent what is important to THE TWO OF YOU.

DON'T just follow trends when planning your wedding.  Trends come and go.  Try to really personalize your wedding.  If you happen to like certain trends, then go for it.

DON'T have a big, formal wedding just because you think you "should" or because your relatives want you to, or you think everyone expects you to.

DO what you can afford.  Do you really want to go into debt for a ceremony that lasts an hour (or a half hour...or less)? 

DON'T try to impress or out-do other couples with your ceremony.  Especially if you have a group of friends getting married around the same time, it can be easy to get caught up in a "competition" for the most expensive, elaborate wedding.

DON'T try to make every element of your wedding match.  It's really not important, and people aren't going to notice if the bows on the pew are ivory and your dress is champagne.


just follow trends (again!)  Choose what you really like, no matter what you think people are expecting you to wear.  If you want to wear something sexy and/or nontraditional, go for it (we're sure your husband will appreciate it!)

DO know what is allowed where you are getting married.  Example:  Some churches require that the bride's shoulders be covered.

DON'T wear something you know you're going to be miserable in.  Although this should be a "given," we all have sacrificed comfort for beauty in some respect or another.

DO make sure it fits, and...

DON'T try to fit into a smaller size just for the sake of saying "My wedding gown was a size 8."  You'll look and feel better in the appropriate size, even if you don't like the number on the tag.  Besides, wedding gown sizing is NOT the same as regular dress sizing!  No one is going to know the size of your wedding gown.

DO take people with you to try on wedding gowns!  Not only is it much more fun, others can point out pros and cons of dresses that you might not think of.

DO remember, however, to get what YOU want and other's opinions are just that... THEIR opinions.


DO buy the correct size.  You may have to go up a half size, whole size, or more in "wedding" shoes.

DO make sure you can walk in them!

DO scuff up the soles with sandpaper, a knife, etc. if your shoes have a smooth surface.  

DO invest in some "Foot Petals" to help with fit!

DO buy a pair of comfortable shoes if you're not wearing comfortable shoes for the ceremony.

DO buy what you really like, even if they are "wedding"-style shoes and you don't foresee ever wearing them again.  Remember this is the ONE time you get to wear a white satin shoe if you want!

DON'T be too picky about your shoes.  Most people are NOT going to notice them, no matter what the style of your dress.  Of course, if you wear a ballgown or similar, no one is going to see them at all!


make him wear something he'll be uncomfortable in.  He'll appreciate it!  You've got him now; how important is what he's wearing?
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